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PC Trask and Associates, Inc.

About Us

Phil Trask

Phil started PC Trask in 2005 with an idea: Innovative and game-changing environmental solutions are possible if you envision success, reject failure, and apply diligence. This is exactly what Phil and his team strive to accomplish every day. Phil’s expertise is natural resource policy, planning, and management, particularly in salmon-related recovery efforts around the Pacific Northwest. Geographically, PC Trask calls the Columbia River estuary home, however, Phil and his staff work throughout Washington and Oregon on a spectrum of natural resource issues.


Phil’s employment history in Washington State with the Salmon Recovery Funding Board, the Governor’s Salmon Recovery Office, the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, and the Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board provided an excellent foundation for the work that he envisioned for PC Trask. Phil stands out among his peers because of his unique ability to see solutions where others see obstacles. Phil holds a Master of Art in Environmental Studies from The Evergreen State College.

Eileen Stone
Project Manager

Eileen applies her background in environmental policy and her understanding of natural systems to provide clients with insightful analyses and strong products. She has over 15 years of experience in analyzing the potential environmental impacts of actions and translating scientific information and policy into understandable guidance documents.  Eileen’s open-minded approach to issues helps clients attain a common understanding among stakeholders with differing objectives. 

Prior to joining PC Trask, Eileen conducted endangered species' consultations and permitting for the US Fish and Wildlife Service and NOAA Fisheries. With the Fish and Wildlife Service, she co-authored the Region One Recovery Permit Handbook, which served as a model for permit programs across the nation.  Other experience includes work for NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuaries and National Estuarine Research Reserves and the formation of a local educational foundation. Eileen has a Master of Science in Zoology from the University of Maryland, with a focus on Marine and Estuarine Environmental Sciences. Life with two teenage sons is a frequent reminder of the surprises inherent in all natural systems.

Katie Blauvelt
Geospatial Analyst

Katie evaluates habitat restoration projects by performing GIS analyses to assess ecological impacts and project feasibility, creating cartographic figures to visualize restoration actions, and conducting field work to monitor site conditions. With over 5 years of academic and professional GIS experience, including her thesis work conducting remote sensing analysis to study the changing relationships between snow, wildfire, and vegetation in the face of climate change, Katie offers a unique perspective to PC Trask. In addition to geospatial analysis, Katie also excels at writing and plays a key role in collaborating with coworkers to develop reports for PC Trask’s various clients.


Katie completed a Master of Science in Geography and GIS certificate from Oregon State University in 2013. During and after graduate school, Katie held several remote sensing analyst positions performing LiDAR processing, vegetation disturbance detection, and energy network mapping. Although she is not a native Oregonian, Katie quickly fell in love with the state and now sees Portland as her home. She enjoys hiking in Forest Park with her dog and taking advantage of weekends to explore, rain or shine.