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Water Quality Project Manager


PC Trask is seeking a part-time/temporary (~1 year) employee with water quality certification (Section 401) analysis skills for a proposed project’s potential impacts on both freshwater and estuarine waters. Excellent project management and communication skills required. The well-qualified candidate would help lead a team of scientists and planners and have experience in many of the following subject areas:

  • Oregon water quality standards: understanding of and ability to review/rectify/develop a Section 401 certification.

  • “Highest and best controls” to avoid negative impacts

  • Documentation of site condition and monitoring protocol

  • Issues inherent with estuarine wetland restoration projects

  • Contingency protocol

  • Stormwater Management Plans

  • Geotechnical understanding of potential vulnerabilities with waterbody crossings, steep slopes.

  • Biological understanding of Oregon aquatic species and their habitat needs.

  • Ability to interpret sediment model outputs


Compensation dependent upon experience. 

Contact PC Trask to discuss in more detail: 503-517-2490.