Species and Resource Planning

PC Trask has broad experience in the development and implementation of species and resource plans, especially for species protected under the Endangered Species Act. PC Trask has been influential in several keystone planning processes.

Ecosystem Restoration

PC Trask applies a restoration planning approach that is transparent and engaging to the client. We apply proven methods paired with intimate knowledge of the floodplain to move a planning process forward. GIS is central to our process of restoration conceptualization, design, and feasibility analysis. Using GIS to explore spatial data, we have created unique tools to customize our perspective of the landscape in order to identify unrealized restoration potential. Each restoration project is unique, so we use GIS to analyze each project and its expected impacts meticulously.

Planning and Policy Development

PC Trask helps its clients establish clear and strategic policies for natural resource programs, and has led major restoration planning initiatives. Clients continue to enlist PC Trask to provide leadership, tailored policies, and strategic approaches to natural resource issues.

Geospatial Services

Most everything we do at PC Trask involves the use of spatial data to analyze natural resource issues and tell a compelling story of lasting solutions. We create and manage databases to organize and house the myriad of spatial data we use on a daily basis, including data that we collect in the field, data we develop in our GIS shop, and data we acquire from collaborators and other sources for each project. We specialize in the creation of functional yet aesthetic cartographic figures, allowing our clients to easily interpret spatial data and their fundamental messages. Each figure is tailor-fit to client and project needs and reflects our attention to detail and our thorough internal review and editing processes.